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世界的有名スケーター小野寺吟雲(おのでら ぎんう)所属のお知らせ


世界的有名スケーター小野寺吟雲(おのでら ぎんう)所属のお知らせ


7歳から本格的に競技を始め、その翌年には出場選手のヨーロッパで開催された大会に史上最年少で出場し、大人顔負けの圧倒的なスキルを見せつけ高く評価されるなど、その才能を一気に開花。以降は、海外から招待を受けた大会を中心に出場して好成績を残し、22年11月にアマの有力選手が集う世界的な大会TAMPA AM(米国開催)にて歴代最高得点を最年少でたたき出し伝説のジャムと呼ばれるほど人々を魅了し堂々の一位で予選通過、世界2位に輝いた。さらに進化は止まることなく、同月に新潟で開催された第5回マイナビ日本スケートボード選手権大会では初出場・日本人最年少で優勝し、23年スケートボード強化指定選手のSランクを史上最年少の12才で獲得するに至る。


Onodera Ginwoo, a world-famous skater

Onodera; known as “Ginwoo” around the world, is one of the most popular and well-known skaters in the industry. He started competing at the age of 7, then the following year, he became the youngest competitor ever to compete in a European competition where he showed overwhelming skills that shocked those of adults. His talent quickly blossomed as he was highly acclaimed. In November 2022, he became the youngest player ever to achieve the highest score in the worldly known competition TAMPA AM (held in the U.S.), and attracted so many people that his performance was called a legendary jam. His evolution never stopped; in the same month, he won the 5th Mynavi Japan Skateboarding Championships held in Niigata, Japan. He was the youngest Japanese skater to win the championship and became the youngest skater in history to receive the “S” rank for the 2023 Skateboarding Designated Athletes at age of only 12.

His tremendous skills have taken the breath away from amateur to pro skater world-wide and he has gained over 150,000 followers on Instagram. His evolution continues; he has also been featured in music videos by Lil Wayne & Rich the Kid, two popular American rappers among young people. Ginwoo is constantly evolving and we cannot take our eyes off of this insanely talented 12 years old boy.


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